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Captain’s Update

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, I have a little piece of good news to share with the club. Recently we applied to Sport England for a grant, and have been awarded £5000 from their flood relief fund. This will go towards fixing several boats that were damaged in the recent flooding. Thanks to Jo Foulds for her work in putting this application together.

Also, Worcester Rowing Club have partnered with Abbeyfield Worcester Society Ltd. We have been providing a shopping and prescriptions collection service for the residents of Whiston Court just off the Tything. Thank you to all the members who have been helping so far. The feedback I have received is tremendous and there are a lot of very grateful people who we are helping to protect.

In this email update from me I’d like to take a look at some tips for lockdown nutrition and lifestyle. These have come from Miranda Harris who is a qualified nutritional therapist and lectures at the University of Worcester. She’s also delivered one nutritional talk for the club and we have 2 more scheduled in with her at a future date.

If possible try and make use of the opportunity to go outside for some exercise and sunshine (if available). This may help with energy levels, sleep patterns and mood. Vitamin D is very important for many body processes including immune function.

1. Eat regular meals with a combination of fats, protein and carbs e.g. eggs, fish, chicken, nuts and seeds. Avoid snacking.
2. Eat as many fresh vegetables as possible and a moderate amount of fruit.
3. Make use of this opportunity to do some cooking/baking.
Keep this to a minimum where possible, as it may reduce absorption of key nutrients needed to stay healthy.

Keep to a regular sleep pattern and try and establish a routine during the day.

We will try and keep the Friday night quiz going as I can see some of you are joining in – lets win the next one for Worcester.

Stay safe all, and please ask if you need anything at all.

Captain, WRC