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Rowing Update September

Hi All,

Just a quick update on the current rules for rowing.  With the government guidance changing so often we have been working hard to figure out how to apply these in a sensible way.

We have taken some decisions to make it easier for members to get out and row:

  1. You do still need to book via the booking system as you have been before.
  2. The time slots will be every 20 minutes rather than 30.
  3. Singles, Double/Pairs, and Fours only requires 1 slot.
  4. An 8 requires two slots.
  5. You must not delete or type over another squads booking, if a slot or boat is booked you move to the next available slot.
  6. You may create a bubble of 9 people including a cox, if you want to go out in 8’s (the standard rules around changing bubbles still applies).
  7. No more than 12 people or two boats on a landing stage at any one time.
  8. The Clubhouse remains closed, The toilets in the erg room are available for use.

This approach requires you to be sensible when around the boathouse, if there is a squad in the boathouse getting a boat, wait outside away from the doors. If there are a couple of boats on the landing stage wait until they have gone.

When not rowing you must adhere to social distancing measures around the club. Don’t arrive early for your session, plan to meet as a crew and remain distanced until you are ready to get hands on.

WRC Management Committee