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Changes to WRC C-19 Rules

Dear Members,

The WRC Management Committee is updating the C-19 club rules with effect from Saturday 10th October.

Rowing Bubbles now can consist of a total of 15 people
From Saturday 10th October we are increasing rowing bubbles for all squads to a maximum of 15 people. Please minimise the changes you make to your crews and join existing bubbles together as much as possible rather than shuffle everyone around.

In order for us to enable these bigger bubbles we need to ask you all to make sure you follow some key steps to help us to keep ourselves and each other safe, and ensure that we are not in breach of British Rowing and Government rules and guidance.

Effective Track and Trace
When you are booking your crews and boats on the WRC Boat Booking Sheet please make sure you:

  • List the individual names of ALL crew members that are rowing in the Names columns adjacent to the boat columns.
  • If the crews change, as we know they can, then please make sure that the crew names are updated to match those who actually rowed.

We need this information to show who actually rowed to ensure that we can accurately track and trace crews and safeguard everyone.

No More Than 12 People on the Apron at a Time
No matter how many crews are booked into a time slot there can only be a maximum of 12 people on the apron boating on and off at a time. We need to boat on and off quickly and spend the minimum amount of time possible on the apron or at the landing stages.

Social Bubbles Still Obey Rule of Six
And remember that, no matter how many others you are bubbled with for rowing, Government rules say you cannot have more than 6 people in a social bubble anywhere on the club site, other than in the boat or whilst putting it away!