Worcester Rowing Club blade

Update 28 July

Dear Members,

Last night your management committee met to discuss British Rowing’s latest guidance, version 5. This can be found at the following link if you would like to read through it yourself:

We are still in ‘Phase C’ but BR are looking to move phases pretty quickly throughout August to the following time frame:

  • Phase D: 1st August: Mixed household crews in coxless pairs and doubles permitted
  • Phase E: 15th August: Mixed household crews in coxed doubles and pairs, coxed and coxless fours and quads permitted
  • Phase F: 29th August: Mixed household crews in coxed and coxless doubles and pairs, coxed and coxless fours and quads, eights and octuples permitted

We have only discussed the WRC protocol for the next 2 weeks and we will meet again on the 10th August to discuss the next phase.

From Saturday 1st August members may row in mixed household doubles or pairs. You may only choose one person to buddy up with, there is no swapping or changing of crew mates.
This option isn’t open to Novice scullers. Both crew members need to be continuously rowing. You cannot sit the boat whilst someone else warms up or rows, or conduct any drills where someone sits at back stops and the other crew member comes to front stops.
When you book your boat and time you must enter the full names of both crew members. The club is required to hold this information for 21 days in order to comply with the track and trace guidance.

Please try and stick to boats correct to your crew weight where possible.

You may wish to wear a face covering until you have pushed off the landing stage and when you return – but not on the water – however WRC are not enforcing this.

The cleaning regime remains the same, you must clean all your equipment before and after your outing with the disposable j-cloths and disinfectant provided.

We are in discussion with regards to opening the ergo room, and once the new flooring is finished in there we will come back to you with further guidance.

To confirm, the weights room is still out of bounds.

Anna Singleton