Worcester Rowing Club blade

Phase 3 Update 18 June

Dear Members,

The Management Committee have now agreed Phase 3 of the club’s return to rowing, which allows more members to return to rowing in addition to Phase 2.

Please be mindful that because this equipment is going to be shared, it is even more important to be scrupulously clean and pay attention to common touch points before and after every outing.

The outline for Phase 3 looks as follows:

Phase Three

Phase 3 will add Members who are experienced rowers/scullers but not necessarily experienced single scullers to go out in a single. A coach will be on the bank at all times with a throw line until they feel you are competent to scull by yourself. Initially this will mean that you can only row between the Jockey Club and the Road Bridge.

Phase 3 will also allow doubles where one member is single and affiliated with the other Members’ household as per Government guidance.

Adult members who wish to scull in Phase 3 should contact the Captain and their coach to be approved to do so.

Juniors will be permitted to go out in single sculls (or doubles if family members) provided that a coach is on the bank at all times with a throw line.  Again, this will mean that you can only row between the Jockey Club and the Road Bridge. The Junior Coaches will be contacting you direct.

British Rowing Guidance: Affiliated Clubs may, if they wish/are able to, allow members to use club/shared boats (in addition to private boats) from their facilities.

Open Facilities: Main boathouses for selected singles, doubles and pairs. Junior boathouse now open for selected singles and doubles. Everything else out of bounds.

Coaching: Now permitted from the bank. No launch use.

Member Responsibility: To bring their own 70% or higher alcohol hand gel to use before and after touching shared equipment, and clean all club equipment thoroughly.

Club Responsibility: To provide clearly labelled and appropriate cleaning products, signage to remind about social distancing and hand washing.

Equipment Cleaning: Boat hull, inside and out – spray and wipe with disinfectant; seats – spray and wipe with disinfectant; shoes – spray with disinfectant; blade handles – spray and wipe with disinfectant. This is a minimum. If you touch any other equipment, such as trestles or any other part of the boat, they must be cleaned too.

Boating Protocol: Phase 2 users will still book a boat and a boating time using the Google sheets document.

Juniors and Phase 3 users will need to book a slot via their coach.
As in Phase 2 only members who have been approved by the committee to row will be granted permission to go out with a coach.
You must arrive at the club ready to row, boat off as near to your boating on time as possible and return the boat to the rack before your booked end time. You must clean your equipment and leave immediately. No more than two people in the boathouse at any one time. If you cannot put a single scull on the water and get in and out by yourself then one family member is permitted to assist you, not your coach.

Blade Use: Unless you have your own private blades, please refer to the sculling blades chart next to the club sculling blades in the boathouse. As a guide use any ‘C’ set of blades for women and any ‘SS’ set of blades for men. Do not alter the length of any blades.
This is a reminder to all members:

  • Private equipment owners and Phase 2 members must also book a boating on and off time, then select ‘PRIVATE’ for the boat name, or a boat from the list.
  • Phase 3 members need to book via their coach
  • Only 2 people allowed in a boatshed at any one time; if you find someone else in there whilst getting out or putting away your boat please observe the 2m rule and agree who will be where.
  • Be as quick as possible getting onto the water, no hanging about and chatting.
  • Hi-vis is still mandatory.
  • If you cannot launch yourself, one family member will be able to assist you, not your coach.
  • Coaching from the bank can now take place.
  • Only the boats on the booking form are permitted to be used – this is not the full fleet.
  • Please treat all surfaces as if they are contaminated. Cleaning equipment is provided at the club, but you may feel more comfortable bringing your own.

Please be patient and remember that our primary aim is to get as many WRC members back on the water as quickly as possible, but only under a system we deem safe for everyone.

Anna Singleton