Junior girls quad racing

Junior Girls’ Training Programme

I have put together a short Juniors Training Programme that will help get you ready for when we start rowing again and stop you getting too bored at home!

The programme runs over 7 days but only involves 6 days training as you get Sundays off…

Download the Programme here

The warm-up each day should take 10-15 minutes and each training piece 20-30 minutes although some you have to do twice! If you do not have access to a rowing machine then you should walk, run or cycle instead. Over the weeks you can try the other Go Row Indoor workouts on the BR website (these include circuits and not just rowing) and mix it up as well, depending how your fitness and technique is improving.

If you have a rowing machine feel free to send me screen shots of your workouts so I can see how you are doing.

It seems that many of the links start part way through the video – these are taken off the BR website – so don’t forget to start at the beginning. Enjoy!

Lastly, take a look at the video of the Women’s Quad Final at the 2020 Olympics, particularly the overhead shots to see incredible technique, rhythm and timing. This is what we should all aspire to!

If you have any questions then please let me know. Don’t forget that parents and guardians can also do the programme…

Keep safe and see you all soon.

Paul Holmes
Chairman, Junior Girls’ Coach