Bewdley medals

July Update

Another busy month with some great wins at several regattas including Bewdley where we sent 60 crews to race over two days. This resulted in 29 finals being contested and 13 wins!

We also raced at the BR Junior Championships at Strathclyde, Staines and Llandaff.

BR Junior Championships
A three day event at Strathclyde in what can only be described as ‘challenging’ conditions – wind, rain and more wind! We sent three junior crews – a WJ16 double that contested the E final; a WJ18 single sculler who came 18th and a J18 single sculler who came 32nd. As all are lightweights they di very well in head and cross winds.

A great two day regatta that was packed with Worcester Crews.

Saturday it rained for most of the day but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the competitors! Sunday was much better with the sun breaking though. We recorded wins at Junior, Senior and Masters level so a great event for the club.

Wins were also recorded for the Masters squad at Staines and Llandaff.